59th Annual Member Show on Display Until October 26

The 59th Annual Member Show is on display at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden Gallery.  The gallery is located at 45-680 Luluku Road by the visitor’s center.  Come see the beautiful and meaningful artwork created by our guild throughout October (until the 26th).  The gardens are magnificent and are open for free to the public daily from 9 am – 4 pm.  There is plenty to explore after you have seen the art show, so plan time for a nice long walk if you can.

Here are two previews of the show, but of course it is only showing about half the wall space.  Prepare to be impressed – it’s a great show!  Remember that the Ultra Exhibit is still on display at Pauahi Tower in downtown Honolulu as well – it is rare for us to have two shows at the same time for the guild, but it’s been a great year for exhibit opportunities!