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Windward Artists Guild Grants

Although this story is mentioned briefly in the newsletter for WAG, I wanted to flesh out the details and share a little more of the story of the charitable side of the Windward Artists Guild. For years now, WAG has been donating grants to education in the community in the arts. Each year, windward Oahu teachers can apply to receive grants to help buy art supplies for the classroom to lighten the burden on the art teachers in our community. WAG also helps with the Total Life Recovery Program in the Women’s Community Correctional Center by providing a grant to Cynthia Schubert Richmond, a member of WAG and the volunteer art teacher in charge of the art class for WCCC. In teaching the ladies at the facility, she hopes they will learn to use artistic expression as a coping mechanism with the challenges they face.

I asked Cynthia to write a little bit about the program, and this is what she wrote, “Ruth Pistor, who was a member of WAG and a signature member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society started teaching there about eleven years ago. Unfortunately, she passed away at 91 a little over two years ago. That’s when I came into the picture. Ruth and I were friends from church and after she passed away, she left a huge gap in our hearts and in the prison ministries. That’s when I decided to talk with Chaplain Tammy from TLR who told me that they would love to have me take over. All volunteers have to go through an eight hour training session at the Dillingham correctional facility. So after doing that and turning in letters of recommendation, I began teaching one day a week, an hour and a half each time. I can’t say enough about how this ministry helps both the women and the teachers. I feel blessed by the experience of being with women who are free just by knowing God even though they are in prison. I teach them about art. They teach me about life. Doesn’t seem like a fair trade but that’s how it is! 🙂

WAG has generously given our class $250 in 2013 and increased it to $500 in 2014! TLR and I are indebted to this financial support. If anyone would like to donate art supplies, they can email me.” Cynthia’s email is c_schubertrichmond (at) Please note that I always include emails written in a format to avoid the automatic SPAM robots, so simply replace the (at) with @ and take out the spaces. For more information about the Total Life Recovery Program, please visit

Member News

Aloha WAG members! We have a few pieces of news from our members. This week is the last to see two of our members’ art on display: Anita Bruce is at Gallery on the Pali (2500 Pali Highway) in a show entitled, “Undercurrents of Tradition”, Sherree McKellar is showing her work in the Honolulu Academy of Art’s Gallery at Linekona (1111 Victoria Street). Both shows run until the last day of January, so time is of the essence. Marcia Morse is part of a show called “13 Women” at the Pegge Hopper Gallery until February 21, 2015.

There are a few interesting art events continuing or starting in February. The Schaffer Art Portrait Challenge is now on display in Maui and runs until March 22, 2015. The People’s Choice Award will be announced on March 14 at the reception. WAG artist Jimmy Tablante was juried into the show, so make sure to look for his contribution if you get a chance to see the show. The Punahou Carnival is on the horizon, Opening night is Feb 3 4:30pm – 8 pm, and the carnival is happening on Feb. 6 and 7, 11am – 11pm. A couple of WAG members will be donating work, including Lynne Boyer and Esperance Rakotonirina.

If you are a WAG member and have news, a correction or addition to what you see posted here, a show, or a workshop you would like to have posted here, you can contact Wendy Roberts (wendysroberts (at)

Happy New Year from WAG

With 2015 upon us, we have some exciting events coming up for the first half of 2015. Prepare your pieces for an upcoming spring show. More details will be announced closer to the show, but we are aiming for late spring (probably April or May). In the meantime, this past holiday season, we thought it might be fun and quite a bit easier to plan a gathering for February rather than trying to pack a WAG party in our already over-scheduled holiday season. Details are pending with these events, but it is something to look forward to as we wrap up winter and start the new year.

55th Annual Members Exhibition

HoomaluhiaGardensThis year’s exhibition is currently being held from October 4 – October 24, 2014 at the Gallery at Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens (located in Kaneohe at the end of Luluku Road).  The gallery is open from 9 – 4 daily and visitors can not only see the show, but wander through the phenomenal gardens which are the inspiration for some of the paintings in the show. There is no cost for entry into the gardens or gallery.  The curator for the show is Antoinette (Toni) Martin who worked hard to select the pieces for the show which consists of 64 works from 41 artists.

“My congratulations to to all Windward Artists Guild artists in this 55th Annual Membership Exhibition. The quality of the entire exhibit is outstanding.  As a curator, I find that selecting awards to recognize only a few artists is very difficult among examples of such high quality craftsmanship.  However, exhibitions and their audience look forward to selective acknowledgement of individual works. Therefore, I designated Award of Merit exemplifying examples of an artist’s integrity toward subject and materials, resulting in a personal voice.”

–  Toni Martin

Award of Merit Recipients:

Candace Fenander
Jimmy Tablante
Barbara J. (Hoppy) Smith
Jill Butterbaugh
Jan Stiles
Carol Moore
Suzanne McCrary
Joy Ritchey
Frank Oliva
Cynthia Schubert-Richmond
Linda Fox
Spencer Chang
Marti Wiese Rounds
Shyrl Matias
Davilla Harding
Sharon Baker
Beth Anderson
Patty Lentz
Connie Hennings-Chilton
Anita Bruce

Award of Merit Recipients Keiki:

Daryl Chum-Pescaia
Victoria Gentry
Saffrey Libokmeto
Kaimanahila Lono
Kanahele Santos

Thank you to everyone who made it to the reception on October 10. It was a wonderful evening!