Invitation from Urban Sketchers to WAG (and beyond)

uskoWAG members (and really any interested artist reading this), is invited to become involved in  Urban Sketchers O‘ahu (USkO) . I received the following invitation to our membership from Sebastian, one of the members of USkO:
” Urban Sketchers O‘ahu is the regional chapter of Urban Sketchers, an international organization dedicated to raise awareness, interest, and enthusiasm for urban sketching (aka “sketching on location”) as a way to document local scenes, express ourselves artistically, and make connections with the community. Our group is made up of artists of all experience levels and with varied preferences when it comes to styles and media. At present, we meet monthly, generally on Saturday mornings, but we will be adding events in the future. 
Our next event will be at “Art on the Zoo Fence” by Kapi‘olani Park on October 3, 2015. It will give us the opportunity to sketch people and art stands, as well as interact with local artists. We hope that you will join us!
If you read this entry after October 3, 2015 or you can’t attend on the Oct. 3 event (which is also the intake date for our WAG show, so understandably, this may not be the most easy event for many of us to attend), you can always find out the latest events and join USkO at the following link:
Thank you for reaching out to us, Sebastian and Urban Sketchers!

WAG Grant Helps Fund a Castle High School Art Field Trip

High School Students working at Hoomaluhia
High School Students working at Hoomaluhia

Lucky Castle HS art students! Their teacher, Casilda Gracias used her 2015 WAG grant for a field trip to Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden.

Her concept was to have students research native Hawaiian plants, then create both a pastel painting, and a canvas painting, using the techniques of artist Georgia O'Keefe. They additionally learned the meaning of endemic, indigenous and native plants, as well as state laws that govern over threatened and endangered native Hawaiian plants.

Hard at work
Hard at work

Their chalk pastel painting designs were first sketched in pencil.  The subject had to touch all 4 sides of the paper, and the focal point was required to be off center. The sketches showed value, shadows and highlights, then were colored with pastel in either warm, cool, or realistic colors. At the end of the project, each student successfully produced a Native Hawaiian mini canvas watercolor painting.

Some of the finished works
Some of the finished works

WAG Annual Member Exhibition Prospectus

Windward Artists Guild is holding the 56th annual member exhibition coming up in October at the Gallery at Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens (45-680 Luluku Road, Kaneohe).  Intake for the show is October 3, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. (No late entries – please be on time to prevent disappointment).

WAG 56th Annual Membership Show Prospectus

Reception will be Friday, October 9, 2015 5:30 – 7:00 P.M.

Exhibiting artists, please bring a pupu to share. Bring your friends to celebrate!

Pastel Artists of Hawaii 2015 Juried Show Prospectus

Pastel Artists of Hawaii will present their 2015 Juried Open Pastel Show on November 5, 2015, at Place, the WAG venue this Spring. The juror for this year’s show is Dawn Emerson ( ), who will also be presenting a four-day Pastel Workshop November 6 – 9 in Nuuanu. Entry deadline is September 14, and the PAH requires that submitted works be at least 80% soft pastels, and no oil pastels. Full entry details are in the prospectus.

Prospectus can still be found here, but the entry deadline was September 2015


Note: The prospectus has undergone a revision 8/8/15.  I have changed the above prospectus to the new one.

Windward Artists Guild Grants

Although this story is mentioned briefly in the newsletter for WAG, I wanted to flesh out the details and share a little more of the story of the charitable side of the Windward Artists Guild. For years now, WAG has been donating grants to education in the community in the arts. Each year, windward Oahu teachers can apply to receive grants to help buy art supplies for the classroom to lighten the burden on the art teachers in our community. WAG also helps with the Total Life Recovery Program in the Women’s Community Correctional Center by providing a grant to Cynthia Schubert Richmond, a member of WAG and the volunteer art teacher in charge of the art class for WCCC. In teaching the ladies at the facility, she hopes they will learn to use artistic expression as a coping mechanism with the challenges they face.

I asked Cynthia to write a little bit about the program, and this is what she wrote, “Ruth Pistor, who was a member of WAG and a signature member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society started teaching there about eleven years ago. Unfortunately, she passed away at 91 a little over two years ago. That’s when I came into the picture. Ruth and I were friends from church and after she passed away, she left a huge gap in our hearts and in the prison ministries. That’s when I decided to talk with Chaplain Tammy from TLR who told me that they would love to have me take over. All volunteers have to go through an eight hour training session at the Dillingham correctional facility. So after doing that and turning in letters of recommendation, I began teaching one day a week, an hour and a half each time. I can’t say enough about how this ministry helps both the women and the teachers. I feel blessed by the experience of being with women who are free just by knowing God even though they are in prison. I teach them about art. They teach me about life. Doesn’t seem like a fair trade but that’s how it is! 🙂

WAG has generously given our class $250 in 2013 and increased it to $500 in 2014! TLR and I are indebted to this financial support. If anyone would like to donate art supplies, they can email me.” Cynthia’s email is c_schubertrichmond (at) Please note that I always include emails written in a format to avoid the automatic SPAM robots, so simply replace the (at) with @ and take out the spaces. For more information about the Total Life Recovery Program, please visit