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If you are passionate about art and art education and would like to make an impact by donating to Windward Artists Guild,

Please click this link to complete your donation on PayPal

We also accept checks made to “Windward Artists Guild”

Please mail to:

Windward Artists Guild
88 Pinana Street
Kailua, HI 96734

If you are donating this in honor of a special person, please feel free to let us know in the comments/notes section on the above donation page or in the memo section of the check.

We wanted to answer the big question you may have about the money you donate: What does WAG do with its budget?

Money given to Windward Artists Guild is managed carefully with the direction of the board. Proposals are reviewed and funds allocated. Here are a few examples of ways we spend money to stimulate the arts:

  1. WAG supports art education on Oahu.
    • Art teachers often have to pay for supplies out of pocket. We have given grants of between $100 and $250 dollars depending on need to local school teachers.
    • Since 2018, WAG has given approximately ten $50 scholarships to student artists (a couple of years we were able to secure extra donations to give 12 scholarships), through the Hawaii State Art Museum’s Scholastic Art Show. This encourages student artists in their pursuit of art and allows for the purchase of some new art supplies.
    • The Women’s Correctional Facility has a volunteer art educator who works to teach the women the important technique of creating art in order to cope with emotions in a new way to avoid recidivism. WAG has given a grant to the art teachers in the amount of $500/year for several years. Volunteers are giving generous amounts of time and effort to help, and we want to make sure they can afford the materials the class needs.
    • WAG holds workshops for professionals and/or beginners alike. The fees are made affordable for artists who want to attend the classes because WAG often covers part of the cost of the workshop. An excellent recent example was WAG’s partnership with Adventist Health Castle to create a year-long series of weekly art workshops via Zoom for the public during the pandemic. They were highly affordable, and many were free. The focus was on art as a wellness tool.
    • WAG enables the mentoring process. Experienced artists teach less experienced colleagues important skills as they meet and work side by side on a variety of shows. There is a long list of skills that are not taught in art school that artists can learn by participating in WAG, such as how to attractively display a group show, how to apply for local venues, how to frame work so that it is professional and durable, and more.
  2. WAG creates opportunities for artists to connect with the public, and for the public to connect to the arts on Oahu
    • WAG sponsors special events such as Oahu Open Studios when opportunities are available.
    • WAG art exhibits showcase the talents of local artists in public venues.
    • WAG sometimes participates in local fairs or events with a booth or table to promote awareness of local arts.
    • WAG’s encouragement of new talent can help develop amateurs into confident professionals.