Invitation from Urban Sketchers to WAG (and beyond)

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uskoWAG members (and really any interested artist reading this), is invited to become involved in  Urban Sketchers O‘ahu (USkO) . I received the following invitation to our membership from Sebastian, one of the members of USkO:
” Urban Sketchers O‘ahu is the regional chapter of Urban Sketchers, an international organization dedicated to raise awareness, interest, and enthusiasm for urban sketching (aka “sketching on location”) as a way to document local scenes, express ourselves artistically, and make connections with the community. Our group is made up of artists of all experience levels and with varied preferences when it comes to styles and media. At present, we meet monthly, generally on Saturday mornings, but we will be adding events in the future. 
Our next event will be at “Art on the Zoo Fence” by Kapi‘olani Park on October 3, 2015. It will give us the opportunity to sketch people and art stands, as well as interact with local artists. We hope that you will join us!
If you read this entry after October 3, 2015 or you can’t attend on the Oct. 3 event (which is also the intake date for our WAG show, so understandably, this may not be the most easy event for many of us to attend), you can always find out the latest events and join USkO at the following link:
Thank you for reaching out to us, Sebastian and Urban Sketchers!